Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29 June 2011

Dan's day out today, get out of the house and you will feel better, although you might think that you cannot control the situation. You cannot anyway! So go and roam free.

It has been an eventful day, apartment viewing, meeting up with a university mate that I have not met for 6 years, catching up with friends, celebrating a birthday, shopping for a baptism gown for a friend's niece.

Let's see how tomorrow goes.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reintegration After Europe

It has been 3 weeks since we got back from Europe, soon it will be end of the month. Looking back, it has been a short month, yet a pretty eventful one. It started with finding the house in a mess with maggots in the fridge and a "clan" of cockroaches under the stove. DHL decided to restructure again, and they are ending the lease of the current office and moving everyone out of town. I had to quit my job as they did not approve my sabbatical to take care of little Dan for another few more months.

Updates as of today, maggots and cockroaches cleared out. Mi's status on where he will be working from October onward, unclear, Singapore? Prague? Bonn? No one knows until then. My job, officially resigned, awaiting for my bonus and HR to let me know how much I owe them.

It was hard to adapt after one month in Europe with perfect weather for walks. I never knew it was that hot in Singapore until now. Therefore, I have been hiding with Daniel in the room day long ever since we got back. Hopefully this will change next week with friends visiting and my parents coming over. I cannot wait to restart my life as a full time mum.

Now with the kitchen back in working order, I need to restock the pantry and start planning for daily meals, I kind of figured out that packing and ordering food delivery is not the way out. Moving onward, I need to plan for  Dan's daily meals as soon he will start on solids.

We have since started looking for apartments as well, as our lease will be ending soon and the rent is going to go up. Therefore, we thought the best idea now is to invest in an apartment and not worry about increase in rental or the need to move. We are hoping to this sorted out by end of July.

And last I need to get my two feet back onto the ground and restructure my life, with my new found freedom as a full time mum :)

One Line A Day

I can admit that I am pretty bad at following through. For example this blog, which I wanted to start writing thoughts as memories for the future. I have started 5 posts yet unable to finish them. I just read on a site on 10 ways to keep track of year one with baby.

1. Baby Memory Book
2. Journal
3. Video
4. Newspaper
5. Coins and Stamps
6. Handprints
7. Memory Box
8. Christmas Ornaments
9. Jewellery
10. Wine or Champagne

What caught my eye was the one line a day journal. Since I have started this blog and have to scratch my head on how to keep this alive. I will start writing my thoughts of the day everyday.