Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Emil brought Dan to meet his university-mates and their babies - Darius and Irina in the park this evening. And as usual, Dan had his little adventure and made dad run.

Dan has started to have this obsession with balls. Every time he sees a ball, he goes running for it. Does not matter if someone is playing football or volleyball or basketball and the ball is over his head.

Today little Irina brought along her ball to play. Dan saw the ball, picked it up and ran across the field. Darius, saw Dan running with the ball started running after Dan. Emil then started running after both of them to try to get the ball back to Irina. Imagining this just made me laugh and this was not the end.

At both ends of the field, two other children were playing with their balls. Dan spotted there was another ball, ran towards it and picked it up, now running with both balls in his hands away from his dad. Darius on the other hand, spotted another ball at the other end of the field, ditched the idea of running after Dan, ran towards the other ball instead. Now, with both kids running separate ends of the fields, Darius's dad had to run after him as well.

Emil finally caught up with Dan and tried to persuade him to return both balls. With no where to run, something else caught Dan's eye. The little girl had a wand with a ball at one end and a few balls dangling at another end. Well, Dan being Dan, dropped both balls and got hold of the wand. Emil was relieved that Dan was no longer running and have obediently returned both balls. However, his nightmare was not over -- Dan still had the wand. The little girl's parents called out and told her it was time to go home. Emil without any other solution had to release Dan's tight grasp of the wand by removing finger by finger and taking the wand away and returning it.

Darius on the other hand spotted some stones in the middle of the field and thought throwing stones were more fun than balls. Irina learning by example thought it was fun too and started throwing as well. Emil, carrying the crying Dan back to the middle of the field and placed him down. Seeing both Darius and Irina playing with stones, he thought it was quite fun as well and started playing with both of them.

Finally all parents were able to chat and catch up after a whole hour of chasing after their kids. Too bad I was not there to witness the whole thing. However, just listening to Emil describing it just threw me off my seat and it deserves me jotting this down. :)