Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mummy, gave me Bangs!

Dan's fringe has grown so annoyingly long that I just had to cut them.

He has been rubbing his eyes so often because hair was poking. During his nap two days ago, I found a perfect moment. However, I guess it was a bad idea cutting it while he was in the pouch.

And the result: Extremely short bangs. Oops...

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sweeping and Wiping

By now - 13 months, Dan's learning something new everyday it is hard to keep track of what is new. Everyday is a new learning and even though he might not be showing what he has learnt, you know he is observing and absorbing. He has started this habit of sweeping everything off the floor and once the table is clean, he beems with pride. He might have to start learning to put things back in order though, for the sake of us, parents. And whenever, he gets a tissue, he starts wiping. I guess he must have learnt that from me. At this stage, it is quite facinating and scary at the same time at how adults are models for a child's behaviour. It is a huge responsibility I must say.