Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tip of the Day: No Toys for Cranky Baby

Especially when it is made to withstand numerous bangs. And never when you are of arms length (with the baby in the sling)

This was what happened a month ago trying to calm a cranky baby in a bus - and I don't wanna give names :p

A Big Step

Dan has grown so fast. I now understand why people always look at babies and say that they grow up so fast. One year has past and now looking back, it was like yesterday that he was this little baby all wrapped up in a bundle, wailing without any reason.

Now at one year, he is toddling around, dancing, eating by himself, babbling and of course still wailing but for a reason. He is also able to fall asleep by himself. Gone were the days where I was prowling on sleep sites, breastfeeding or cloth diapering. Now, parenting, play, and diet are on top of the list. There is so much to learn yet so little time as he is learning so fast.

Much has happened for the past year in our lives as well. We got a baby, from working full time to being a full time stay home mum, travelled quite a lot, moved into a new apartment, and now moved to a new country. It has been constantly changing. Every month was something new for us. Though at that point of time it seemed to be nothing. Adding up seems to be quite a sum.

It has been a big step for us not only for Dan, adapting to a new born and with life as partners and parents at the same time. And I am really glad we have made it so far. One year has passed and I look forward to the next year with a new chapter with new learnings and challenges