Monday, 29 August 2011

Under the Weather

The whole family has been under the weather for the past week. All of us were feeling so down and trying our best to some sleep whenever possible... except for little Dan. He does not seem to be feeling anything. With nose runny and coughing from time to time, you still see that fire in his eyes, ever playing and ever smiling.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sitting Pretty

Dan's attempt to go from crawling to sitting and back onto his belly.

Home Sweet Home

I guess home is where the heart belongs to.. A week just zoomed pass spending time back in my hometown with family and savouring food..

Baby Dan and Great Grand Aunt of 93 years.

Baby Dan and cousin Little Evelyn of 3 months.

A baby kitten I chanced upon during dinner one day.

Tau fu fa 豆腐花

Hor Hee 河熹粉

Hakka Mee

Yong Tau Fu

clockwise from upper left: Prawn Noodles, Curry Noodles, Char Kuey Teow, Ipoh Coffee and desserts


Prawn and radish fritters

Many Firsts

Two days ago, baby Dan discovered that he could switch from crawling to sitting up.

A day ago, he caught his first cold.

And today, he managed to go from crawling in his crib to sitting to standing by lifting himself using the railing as support.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Next Generation

Home for a week and my cousin have been coming over for visits and helping to baby sit baby Dan. Last night we were in the car chatting about baby Dan and I was like; I was the same as you right now when you were Dan's age.

I still remember being so excited when she was born and started crawling and then it was like such a big achievement when she started to stand using a pouf as a support, I was so ecstatic seeing my little cousin doing that.

I was 14, when she born, now she is 14, and baby Dan's 7 months. How time flies and another generation is born.

I guess the next time when baby Dan is 14 he might be doing the same thing -- visiting his baby cousin :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

At the Airport

Lesson learnt today: include checking the flight details on the checklist.

Taking the second flight with baby Dan alone, I was too engrossed with the checklist of items to bring and missed out checking the flight timings, assuming it would be leaving an hour later.

Waiting at the boarding gates now for the next flight. All prepared and ready to go. Walking baby Dan as I write.

Airports bring me nostalgia. The anticipation of the journey ahead thrills me. The people who I will be meeting on the other side. The smiley flight attendants who offer you lemonade and trolls on board with in flight entertainment. I guess this has all changed with budget flights up and running.

It is just another mode of transportation. This would be baby Dan's ninth flight. I am not sure whether he will have the same anticipation that I had towards airports and planes when he grows up.

Walking through the check in terminal, passing one of the toy shops, I remembered what Emil asked once. Why do you think they would open a toy shop at the airport? I bluntly reply, I guess it is for the kids. However, I never thought of a reply which was: it is for those corporate people who have been travelling abroad frequently, feeling guilty that they have not been close to the family or the children. The shops are for them to just pop by to pick up some toys for the kids back home, since the only time they have for shopping is at the airport and to relieve their guilt.

Hmm.. kind of make sense.

Upon checking in, the funny thing today was that at the security, instead of usually asking me to pick baby Dan in my arms, the allowed me to push him through in the stroller. After we have passed the security gate, they did a sweep down on him. Should see the confusion on both of our faces. A sweep down on the baby in the stroller.

One hour to go and baby Dan soundly asleep. Hope to have a good journey home without any melt downs. Amen.