Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Nursery Horror

It has been close to three weeks since Dan started play school. For the first week, I had to leave him for two hour a day to help him grow accustom to the teachers and his surrounding - and he did not like it. Especially now between 12 - 18 months he isathis peak of separation anxiety. To add on to that he has not been away from me or Emil for more than an hour. For the first week, I had to leave him and stay outsied just in case he had a major meltdown. The good part was that he only hates the part when I leave him to his teachers, after that he was fine with some on and off fussiness but nothing major. It took him a week to get use to that. After that it was just the first five minutes that he starts calling for me and then he was fine for the day. And finally, last Thursday, when I dropped him off, he went open arms to his teacher. That was a big step for me and for Dan. It gave me more assurance that he was okay. For now, the only thing I am still puzzled is that everytime when I pick him up from school, he would start whining. I wonder whether it means - What took you so long? Or I missed you. Or... Hmmm... That will remain a mystery until he starts talking I guess.

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